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Supply B.V.
a member company of Soetanto Group
The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium,
USA, Indonesia, China
Soetanto International Supply bv
Tank Container / Pressure Vessel Container
Products :
We offer a wide range of Tank Container:
  • Gas / Liquid Gas Tank Container
  • Powders Tank Container
  • Liquid Tank Container
  • Bulk Tank Container
  • Cryogenic Tank Container, such as :
        LNG tank, Liquid Argon tank, etc.

  • for the transportation of dangerous goods, chemical products, petroleum products and bulk material, such as: HCl, Chlorine, Asphalt, Sulphur, Alumina Alkyl, LPG, LNG, Argon, etc.

    UN T21 Portable Tank for Alumina Alkyl

    UN T21 Tank Container for UN 3394

    IMO 1 Tank Container for Acid Solution
    Specifications :
  • Custom design based on customer's requirements
  • Standards and Codes :
  • Materials : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Some Applications of
    the Tank Container :
  • UN T21 : for Alumina Alkyl (UN 3393, UN 3394)
  • ISO : for Refrigerant
  • ISO : for Phosphorous
  • ISO : for Propylene
  • ISO : for High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • ISO : for Water
  • IMO 1 : for Acid Solution
  • IMO 2 : for Bulk Bitumen
  • IMO 5 : for LPG
    Offices and Agents in :
    The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Indonesia, China
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